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November 5, 2017

Sadhana (spiritual practice) Retreat

Venue: Abundant WellBeing
Palomar Mountain, CA, United States
Nischala Joy Devi on Meditation

Nov 1-5, 2017
Sadhana (spiritual practice) Retreat
Palomar Mountain, CA

Journey into Deeper Practice

So many of the seminars you take are to further you education helping you serve your students.
For these five days allow yourself to be guided deeper into the practices of Pranayama and meditation.

Feel what it is like to be able to delve into these advanced practices guided by Nischala joy Devi who has shared her wisdom and depth of knowledge with many.

This program is geared toward students and teachers who are familiar with the subtler practice and would like guidance on delving deeper.
Because of the nature of the program the majority of time will be spent in practices themselves.
Upon completion you will be left with a renewed inspiration to continue practice on a daily basis.

For Price and more Info:AbundantWellBeing.com

Experiencing Your Heart's Song

“The real power of a mantra comes from the heart.” – Nischala Devi

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