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June 30, 2018

Cancer & The Heart Chakra

Venue: Beloved Yoga
Phone: 703-860-9642
11109 Sunset Hills Rd , Reston, VA, United States

Cancer and the Heart Chakra
June 30 & July 1, 2018
Reston VA

Mysterious, complicated, smart, devastating, fearful, painful, disfiguring. These are some of the words that are experienced when a diagnosis of Cancer is given. Of all the mysteries of the world, Cancer ranks high among them.

Who gets Cancer and why, seems to be a great ongoing mystery.
From all the multifaceted ways that Cancer is observed medically and emotionally, often it fails to be observed metaphysically or spiritually.

In this workshop we will explore how to engage the Heart (Anahatha) Chakra into this mystery for ultimate healing.

We will explore:
♥ does this disease respond to Love and Compassion?
♥ could it make a difference to its outcome and treatment by invoking the heart at the start from the diagnosis, through treatment and to cure and healing?
♥ would the outcome change if the medical profession added a large dose of love and compassion along with the conventional treatments of surgery, drugs or radiation?
♥ Self-love- could it overshadow guilt, blame, body image opening a gateway to healing?
♥ the Heart Chakra’s influence in our every action, thought and emotion
♥ the Heart Chakra as the center of our being and its relationship interrelate with the other chakras

Through the multi-faceted practices of Yoga we delve deep within, energizing the heart chakra
as it takes center stage in our lives and healing.
This workshop focuses on Yoga teachers and health professionals who want to gain the
understanding and learn practices to inspire those challenged with a cancer diagnosis, to go
deep into their hearts for complete healing.

contact: Please schroll down the page BelovedYoga.com

May 11, 2018

Healing with the Chakras

Venue: Inner Peace Yoga Therapy
Phone: (970) 946-8961
Retreat Facilities, TX, United States

May 11-13, 2018
Healing with the Chakras
Inner Peace Yoga Therapy
Chicago, Ill

Explore Healing with the Chakras – the whirling vortices of energy inside us. The Chakras contain valuable information about the mundane as well as the subtle aspects of our every action and thought. Connected through channels that flow up and down our spines, the Chakras infuse vitality and knowledge to every facet of our being.
With the stresses of everyday life, the energetic flow is often hindered. The result is lethargy, anxiety, depression or even disease. By observing the adjusting images of ourselves, we are able to release old paradigms from the subtle bodies and gain control of our very life force. As these pathway are unlocked, the pent-up energy effortlessly flows and we are able to heal everything, from simple ailments to life-threatening diseases.
For Price and more Information:InnerPeaceYogaTherapy.com

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