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August 31, 2018

The Power to Heal

Venue: Yogaville
Buckingham, VA, United States

The Power to Heal

Many of us have experienced the physical and emotional benefits of Yoga; yet, how many have the courage to delve deeper?

Though it’s often thought to be relegated to a few, we ALL have the power to heal.

Yogic wisdom and practices, when understood and applied with deep awareness, lead us to complete healing. Beginning with ourselves, this energy grants us the ultimate power to return to wholeness. By directing and enhancing the pranic life force, secrets are revealed that many of us only hear about or imagine.

In this workshop we will focus our awareness on the subtle nervous system, chakras and nadis. With great attentiveness, the dynamic energy within (kundalini) gradually awakens. We are then blessed with unlimited energy and vitality. This is the energy we employ for healing.

If your regular practice includes the more subtle aspects of Yoga but you have not become acquainted with this dynamic energy, this workshop is for you.

Contact: Yogaville.org

June 22, 2018

Yoga and Kayaking with Bhaskar Deva

Venue: Yogaville
Buckingham, VA, United States

Bhaskar Deva
June 22-24, 2018
James River, Yogaville, Central Virginia

Join Bhaskar Deva for a weekend of connecting with nature and yourself—by kayaking down the peaceful James River. This is an invigorating way for beginners and intermediate kayakers alike to weave Yoga with the joy of the outdoors.
Price includes canoe/kayak rental. (Sit-upon, tandem kayaks, and canoes are also available.)

Each day begins with morning meditation, Hatha Yoga, and of course, a delicious hearty breakfast. After an instructional orientation, you’ll launch your kayak and your adventure down the river begins! You’ll explore many miles of the lush, historic James river under the expert guidance of our trip leaders.

“Loved Bhaskar Deva. Lovely man and great energy. The James River was beautiful and the trip was fun. Lotus temple is always a gift and special. Loved the people who participated in the trip.” — Beth Brigg, Yoga and Kayaking 2016

“Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. It was everything that I had hoped. Bhaskar is truly a wonderful instructor and guide.” –Program Participant

Prerequisite: ability to swim and to have fun.

Please register early for this program as space is limited.

More info: Yoga and Kayaking


For Price and more Info: Yogaville.org

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