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Meditation in the Yoga Tradition

The Practical Application to Begin, or Enhance Your Meditation Practice

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The intention of this book and course, Meditation in the Yoga Tradition is to encourage and offer inspiration, information and practices to anyone seeking to begin, sustain or enhance a meditation practice.

The Yogic Wisdom contained in this book and course augments the practices to inform us about the various way’s meditation can be suited to every personality, mental and emotional perception.

The varied aspects allow for you to assimilate the various techniques either in solitude or in tandem with other practices to aid us in achieving a state of peace that comes from knowing the inner workings of the mind and emotions.

Use the varied meditation practices in the book and course allowing yourself to gauge which of the practices appeal to you while they invigorate your zest to know the self.  A strong commitment to regular practices is necessary for the state of meditation to be realized.

The hope is this simple guide will inspire your dedication to knowing the Self, through meditation. This will lead to a Dynamic Stillness in everything you do and ultimately will express who you really are.

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