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Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio
777 W. Hillside Ave. , Prescott, AZ, 86301, United States

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April 7-8, 2018
The Power to Heal
Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio
Prescott AZ.

The Power to Heal
Often relegated to a few, we ALL have the Power to Heal.
Our planet needs healing, society needs healing, we need healing. Where to begin? Yogic wisdom and practices when understood and applied with deep awareness lead us to complete healing. Beginning with ourselves the energy grants us the ultimate power to return to wholeness. Many of us have experienced the physical and emotional benefits of Yoga, yet how many have the courage to delve deeper? By directing and enhancing the pranic life force, the secrets many of us only hear about or imagine are revealed. In this workshop we will focus our awareness on the subtle nervous system, Chakras and Nadis. With great attentiveness, the dynamic energy within (Kundalini) gradually awakens. We are then blessed with unlimited energy and vitality. This is the energy we employ for healing. If your regular practices includes the more subtle aspects of Yoga yet, have not become acquainted with this dynamic energy, this workshop is for you.

Developing the Power to Heal:

Learn advanced practices in Pranayama, Imagery and Meditation
Design meditations on the Chakras and subtle nervous system
Liberate vital energy from the Chakras
Involve the mind and senses to direct and focus this energy
Acknowledge this power as our birthright to use benevolently
Welcome this energy as a constant companion in your life and teaching.
Empower ourselves to heal ourselves, others and ultimately the entire world
Give yourself the gift of Healing to your self and the ability to share that with others. Rediscover the real mystical Power of Yoga to Heal.

Contact: LotusBloomYoga.com Please scroll down to Nischala Joy Devi’s program

Start: April 7, 2018
End: April 8, 2018