Abundant WellBeing

The Namaste Effect


Namaste, a word used in many cultures, expresses the idea that when we come from a place of love and oneness, we connect with others, to become one.

Our times are plagued with senseless violence, bullying, prejudices, and blatant hatred. Something has happened to the model of love that all wisdom traditions expound upon as the greatest virtue—the concept of treating everyone as we wish to be treated.

Take the time to find your own narrative within their stories. Discover how can you use these stories and beliefs to gratify your life with the joy that is your birthright. As the narrative unfurls, allow The Namaste Effect to reignite your heart to the experience of boundless love. It is this universal love that is present and available to all in the vastness of this universe.

Included in this course are guided meditations on each of the seven chakras that lead you deep into the mysteries of each chakra and allow you to incorporate them as they transform your everyday life.



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In the Healing with the Chakras Meditation, Nischala Joy Devi guides the listener to the heart and experience of understanding the chakras.

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