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Yoga Therapy & Training Programs

Yoga of the Heart® – A Yoga Therapy Certification Course; Cardiac and Cancer Certification Training

Adapting Yoga for Heart Disease, Cancer and
Other Life Threatening Diseases

This comprehensive program is a certification course offered for Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals teaching the general population who would like to share Yoga with people living with heart disease, cancer and other debilitating diseases. It is also useful for people with family histories and/or risk factors. Learn More…

Healing with the Chakras

Within each one of us, there are whirling vortexes of energy called chakras. These chakras contain valuable information about the mundane as well as the sublime aspects of our every action and thought. Connected through channels that flow up and down our spines, they infuse vitality and knowledge to every facet of our being. When the pathways are unobstructed, the energy easily flows and we feel whole and healthy. When the stresses of everyday life intrude, the energetic flow is hindered. The result is lethargy, anxiety, depression or even disease. Learn More…

The Secret Power of Yoga

The Yoga Sutras, considered to be one of the most revered texts of yoga, is thought to be more than 2,500 years old. These ‘threads’ on yoga or union, are extremely terse, stating concisely and often precisely, essential points or techniques to achieving self-realization. Learn More…



Healing Relationships™

Recognizing the difference between intellectual knowledge and a deeper experiential understanding of the tools of yoga, Nischala Devi will devote this workshop to focusing on the primary importance of the healing relationship™ between student and teacher and that most essential ingredient: human connection. Learn More…


Healing Path of Yoga

The Healing Path of Yoga

Nischala Devi shares her years of experience working with the healthful benefits of yoga, teaching visualization, breathing and meditation, as well as providing the classic steps for yoga’s classical poses. The Healing Path of Yoga teaches us timeless yoga techniques and philosophy, along with lifestyle-altering program to create one extraordinary program with the power to rejuvenate and heal. Learn More…

Additional Courses & Programs Offered

  • Empower Yourself to be a Great Yoga Teacher and Therapist
  • Healing with the Chakras
  • Healing with the Maya Koshas
  • Learn More…